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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

drug & alcohol addiction treatment

Facts About

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

**__The World Health Organization Estimates that 2.5 million people die each year from the harmful effects of alcohol.

320 000 young people between the age of 15 and 29 die from alcohol-related causes, resulting in 9% of all deaths in that age group.

Alcohol is the world’s third largest risk factor for disease burden; it is the leading risk factor in the Western Pacific and the Americas and the second largest in Europe.

Alcohol is associated with many serious social and developmental issues, including violence, child neglect and abuse, and absenteeism in the workplace.


In 2009, there were nearly 4.6 million drug-related emergency room visits in the US. These visits included reports of drug abuse, adverse reactions to drugs, or other drug-related consequences. Almost 50 percent were attributed to adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals taken as prescribed, and 45 percent involved drug abuse. Estimates are that of the 2.1 million drug abuse visits—

27.1 percent involved nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals (i.e., prescription or OTC medications, dietary supplements)

21.2 percent involved illicit drugs

14.3 percent involved alcohol, in combination with other drugs.


Addiction Treatment Options

Not everyone struggling with addiction needs residential or day treatment programs. But once weekly therapy may not be enough. Lionrock Recovery’s Online Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program may be the perfect solution for clients who qualify.

Lionrock delivers substance abuse treatment online, directly to clients, wherever they may be, across the Internet by secure video conference. All clients need to participate is a personal computer, a broadband Internet connection, and a web cam.

Lionrock’s Online IOP provides therapy, education, and support at a level that’s comparable, and even exceeds, the quality of work done in other outpatient, addiction programs.

Custom treatment planning provides just the right level of care for as long as desired. Using Lionrock Recovery programs to provide extended care is a cost-effective way to build recovery into clients’ daily lives.

**“Before I found Lionrock, I thought I had to tough sobriety out alone…but through Lionrock, I am able to have the privacy I need to discuss & share my troubles with anonymity.”

  • A Lionrock Client**

Many people struggling with alcohol and drugs don’t get help for fear that their problems may be discovered by their community or employers.

Lionrock programs allow clients get the help they need - and keep their program participation confidential - while they go to work or school and meet family commitments.

Since Lionrock programs require no travel, clients can use the time saved to focus on Recovery and managing their daily lives.

Lionrock Recovery offers convenient morning and afternoon/evening programs.

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"More than a recovery program, I felt like I became part of a family."

- Arden, Lionrock client