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Online AA Zoom Meetings and Drug & Alcohol Support Groups

online aa zoom meetings and drug & alcohol support groups

Online Drug & Alcohol Support Group Meetings

Lionrock hosts online AA and alternative support group Zoom meetings.

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recovery support group zoom meetings & workshops

There is a long tradition of hospitals and institutions opening their doors to support groups, providing space for their meetings. Substance Use Disorder treatment centers often do the same. At Lionrock, we’re contributing to this time-honored tradition. We host both 12 step meetings and alternative format meetings.

One alternative we host is Lionrock’s new meeting tradition called CommUnity. We have deep respect for the 12 step tradition - many of us at Lionrock work a 12 step program - and we’ve worked to create something different. Our goal is a new meeting tradition that works both for people already following a recovery tradition and for those who do not. We hope it can be either an addition to something you already do, or an alternative to what’s out there.

CommUnity is a new tradition in which all people pursuing peace in mind and body may find hope and healing through connections with each other. This broad approach encompasses the many paths to recovery, and everyone is welcome.

CommUnity meetings are open to people recovering from anything, not just drugs and alcohol, and we make no judgments about what recovery is, because everyone’s recovery is personal.

The 12 step tradition meetings we host are not affiliated with Lionrock, and they are true to their own group’s traditions. We provide a large selection of meetings free of charge.

To attend, you will need an internet-connected computer with a webcam, or a mobile device. You will also need a quiet, private place from which to connect.

If you wish to attend the mutual support group meetings listed here, please do so with the same respect you would offer a local meeting. If you disrupt a meeting here, you will be removed.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Open Meeting

Open Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting - everyone is welcome!



CommUnity Recovery Support Group Meeting

CommUnity is a recovery support group where all people in the pursuit of peace in mind and body may find hope and healing through connections with each other. Open to Everyone!



CommUnity LGBTQ+ Recovery Support Group

CommUnity Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ+) Recovery Support Group Meeting

Join us for our weekly LGBTQ+ CommUnity fellowship meeting. Come enjoy freedom from limits and judgement within your recovery. Surround yourself with a group of diverse friends who understand and acknowledge your struggles as well as your strengths. Here, we appreciate your harmony, life and spirit. We live to heal and promote inclusivity. Find your serenity within our CommUnity, where anyone, from any path of recovery, is always welcome. Together we can heal. Together we can be proud. Together we can move forward. Together we can find our free!



Narcotics Anonymous

Open Narcotics Anonymous Meeting



Recovery Fellowship

This is an open FELLOWSHIP gathering space where people can share their experience, strength and hope with each other and help others to achieve sobriety through the discussion of recovery related topics including the 12 Steps.



Sober Sisters: A Women-Only Support Group

Sorry guys, this is a closed meeting for women only! All participants must have video webcams on during the meeting.



Brothers to Brothers: A Men-Only Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Recovery Support Group

This is a closed meeting for men only! All participants must have video webcams on during the meeting.



Recovery Dharma Meeting

The Recovery Dharma meeting uses Buddhist philosophies in a non-theistic way to heal the suffering of addiction. Meetings use meditation, self-inquiry, compassion, and sharing to achieve and maintain recovery.

  • Recovery Dharma meetings are inspired by Buddhist philosophies, not Buddhist religion, to find freedom from the suffering of addiction of all kinds. Anyone can walk this alternative path using mindfulness and empowerment and combine the tools with other programs for lasting recovery.
  • Buddhist inspired, not Buddhism required™.
  • “Sitting Group” style meeting


Meditation Workshop by Elizabeth

Join us to learn how meditation can improve your recovery journey.

Would you like to explore how to let go of thoughts that may lead to impulsive behaviors? Do you want to learn how to relax, reduce stress and find balance in your life? Have you ever wondered how “centering your mind” or certain breathing techniques can benefit your overall wellness and happiness?

Elizabeth S., LMFT, an experienced teacher, guides the group in meditations on various topics including self-compassion, listening, open-awareness, breath, kindness towards others, appreciative joy, exploring difficult emotions and much more.

Each week you’ll enjoy a 20-minute soothing, guided meditation with a short talk explaining the meditation or underlying principle of the practice along with a time for questions and answers.

This workshop is a place for people from every path of recovery. All are welcome even if you have never meditated before.


No meeting codes will be offered at this meeting


Understanding Spirituality

Spirituality can be a difficult topic for many people. Your workshop facilitator breaks down the issues and barriers, and shares practical solutions.



NURSES ONLY Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

These 12-Step Recovery meetings for Nurses are support groups where ALL NURSES are welcome.



Living Life Successfully with Cirrhosis Support Group

Join this special space where we can face our fears and encourage one another. This meeting is for people who are: living with CIRRHOSIS, TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTS, and those who are on their journey towards TRANSPLANT DUE TO ALCOHOL ABUSE.


No meeting codes will be offered at this meeting


"More than a recovery program, I felt like I became part of a family."

- Arden, Lionrock client