An Alcohol Reduction Program is a new and different way to approach the treatment of alcoholism, heavy drinking, problem drinking and recovery. It is an alternative to 12-step based recovery programs, which require full abstinence to achieve recovery. Founded by Marc Kern, Ph.D, Alcohol Reduction Program is appealing to those potentials, who may be put off by the black-and-white aspect of complete abstinence from drinking. While 12 step recovery has been hugely successful, it may not be for everyone.

Some people can only achieve recovery through complete abstinence from alcohol. However, there are those who may or may not be alcoholic, but still need help controlling their drinking. An alcohol reduction program may be more appropriate for these types of people. Perhaps absolute abstinence is not their goal, but instead, they would just like to cut back, and learn how to moderate.

Kern believes that moderation can be the first stepping stone toward awareness of ones drinking. He goes on to explain that, “many people ultimately come to the conclusion that abstinence is a safer and better course.” The mission of Alcohol Reduction Program, is to give people a real choice, in how they want to start recovering from alcoholism or problem drinking.

Alcohol reduction program might be a good transition from drinking heavily, to abstaining completely. One of the things that separates a heavy drinker from an alcoholic, is the ability to control and enjoy ones drinking. If a person can successfully cut back on their drinking for good, they may not be an alcoholic. Whereas, an alcoholic may be able to cut back for periods of time, but will always find himself or herself losing control again. Attempting to moderate may actually help someone who is unsure, to determine whether they think himself or herself to be alcoholic.