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Online Rehab Programs

online rehab programs

From the Privacy of Home

When we started helping people struggling with drinking and drug problems in 2012, most people didn’t know help was available from the privacy of home. Some people thought online rehab was a crazy idea that couldn’t work. But it does! Take a look here to see some studies on this.

Since then, we’ve helped over 1,000 people find a better life in recovery from addiction. Some of them have recorded testimonials, in their own voices, about the help they got using online rehab instead of going to brick and mortar facility. Listen to them here.

Why use online rehab?

At Lionrock Recovery, we offer people the most private way to get help - from the privacy of home. No one else needs to know. We offer flexible schedules that fit people’s busy lives. Then, we combine the privacy and flexibility with professional therapy from our team of caring and experienced counselors. It’s a great alternative to traditional treatment at a hospital or outpatient facility. No driving, no chance of being seen going in or out. Just the help you need.

What does online rehab look like? For group therapy sessions, clients gather together with their counselor in a secure, high definition video conference. Everyone can see and hear everyone else in the session. It looks like this.


Do you have questions about how online rehab works? Ask us! We’re the leader in online recovery. We’d be glad to talk about what we do, and more importantly, about how you’re doing.

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"More than a recovery program, I felt like I became part of a family."

- Arden, Lionrock client

whatever the reason that made you seek out options, lionrock can help

Our programs fit into your way of life, not the other way around. You keep your family and work commitments while you get help in our online recovery program.

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