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Telehealth for Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

telehealth for substance abuse treatment and recovery

You can recover privately with telehealth solutions

Thanks to telehealth and other remote care, addiction specialists and certified counselors may now diagnose, treat, and supervise their patients' care virtually thanks to computers, cellphones, and other new digital technologies.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth—sometimes referred to as 'telemedicine'—is the practice of providing medical treatment online. Telehealth allows your doctor to provide care for you without requiring an in-person office visit. It usually can be done over the internet using a computer with internet access, a tablet, or a smartphone. Many choose telehealth solutions for a number of reasons, like:

  • Talk to your doctor live over the phone or video chat.
  • Send and receive messages from your doctor using secure messaging, email, secure messaging, and secure file exchange.
  • Use remote monitoring so your doctor can check on you at home. This is especially helpful for those who are experiencing substance-abuse-related issues. There’s no need to go to a doctor or in-person group therapy when you are fighting to get better. For example, you might use a device to gather vital signs or other vitals to help your doctor stay informed on your progress.

Your doctor will make the decision whether or not telehealth is right for your health needs. Inquire with your doctor's office about any telehealth choices that may be available, especially if you are worried about COVID-19's health risks. For those who are struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances, online therapy has been proven to help those with substance issues to get and stay clean.

Benefits and advantages of addiction therapy telehealth care

Telehealth can provide a host of specialized care, and Lionrock Recovery specializes in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Telehealth is especially useful for monitoring and improving long-standing addiction problems, group therapy, and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP).

Comfort and Convenience At Home

With online telehealth therapy and substance abuse help, you don't have to travel to the doctor's office or clinic, park, walk, or sit in a waiting room when you're struggling with addiction. Check in with your designated counselor from the comfort of your own home. Telemedicine may make it easier to fit remote visits into your busy schedule and can help to take the shame—shame from stigma for those who don’t understand—out of meeting in public for group therapy. Depending on your schedule, you may not even need to take leave time from work or arrange for child care with telemedicine.

Timely Access to Care

Those who are looking for addiction help are often in crisis mode. They need someone to help immediately. Often, it can take days to weeks to months to meet with a specialist in person. With LionRock, it’s easy to get connected to a counselor TODAY to come up with a treatment plan.

Most Insurance is Accepted

Sometimes, the cost of visiting a counselor and seeking out help prohibits people from seeking out help. We accept most insurance and can work with you to come up with a plan that will allow you to get the advice and support that you need.

Backed by science

How does telehealth improve patient addiction care? Telehealth has been proven to increase doctor’s visits, helping with mental health and addiction, and overall improve patient’s health. The US Department of Health & Human Services has studied the effectiveness of telemedicine and found that it is more accessible for those who are managing chronic illness, mental health issues, addiction and substance use disorders, as well as preventative care.

At Lionrock Recovery, we have seen the proof of this evidence first hand. Multiple studies have shown that for substance use disorders, telehealth and remote care is as effective, if not more effective, than in-person counseling.

Telehealth with Lionrock Recovery

Over the past decade, our clients have told us the same thing. Listen to what a few of them had to say about us here. Because they get help from the privacy of home, Lionrock clients start their sessions relaxed, and find it easier to discuss their problems. They feel it’s safe to talk. There’s no driving, no worry about seeing people they know at a local outpatient facility.

Lionrock clients find it easier to stay with treatment, because of flexible schedules that fit work and family commitments. They can even continue treatment while traveling.

Do you need telehealth remote addiction counseling?

We’re here to support you. With over a decade of experience and counselors who have been addicts themselves, there is no better place for you to start your recovery journey.

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