Powerful Behavioral Support for Outpatient Treatment

Lionrock’s patent-pending Fieldworktm tools add 24/7 structure and accountability to Outpatient Treatment.

Accountability is always a challenge, especially so in outpatient care. Even if clients spend 9 hours weekly in an Intensive Outpatient program, this is less than 10% of a person’s waking hours. Without Lionrock’s Fieldwork, creating structure and tracking accountability is difficult, at best.

Homework assigned during therapy sessions is an important part of treatment. Fieldwork complements traditional homework’s cognitive exercises by adding a behavioral component.

1. Plan

Fieldwork tools make it easy to create structure and accountability that comes right out of the treatment plan. Fieldwork starts with a treatment plan goal, for example, a commitment to eat healthy food and plan meals. Regular, healthy nutrition contributes to stability. From the goal, we create the structure. In this case, a schedule for going to the market and buying healthy food.

2. Schedule

Counselors and clients access Fieldwork’s scheduling system, and create a concrete plan that we call a check-in. Fieldwork check-in goals can include any number of parameters, including when and where the plan will be executed. Because clients have access to their scheduler, they know what’s expected.

Fieldwork Scheduler

3. Call to Action

15 minutes before the check-in is due, Fieldwork sends the client a text message with a link. This link opens the Fieldwork app on the client’s mobile device/phone, which displays the instructions that the check-in.

text message prompt

4. Check-In

“Go to the market and buy healthy food” at 6:16pm on Wednesday is the instruction. This is followed by a specific set of goals for the check-in: “Shoot a photo of your grocery cart full of ther healthy food you bought. What are you making for dinner?” Following the easy instructions, the client taps the screen to shoot a photo of his shopping cart, and then taps again to make a journal entry, as instructed, about what’s for dinner. When he’s finished recording his check-in, the client simply clicks “Check-In Now”.

Check-in form

5. Get/Give Feedback

The Fieldwork app transmits the picture and journal entry to Lionrock’s servers, along with the client’s location, collected by GPS, and the time and date. These four pieces of information are displayed in real-time for the client and counselor.

completed check-in full view

If the client checked the box at the bottom of the check-in screen that allows the client’s social network to see details of the check-in, then the photo and client journal entry are shared. The location is not shared, to ensure privacy.

completed check-in social view

Counselors can monitor their clients during the day, at the end of the day, or over the course of weeks, through different views of the check-in data. The weekly check-in view provides counselors a quick way to assess adherence to the schedule.

weekly check-in view

Lionrock’s Fieldwork is paired with Lionrock’s private social network, Lionrock Today. Would Fieldwork be useful for your Outpatient Treatment program? Fill out the form above for more information.