What is the AA Big Book?

The AA Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is the AA textbook documenting the 12 step recovery program. It contains the original program of Alcoholics Anonymous, as it was done by its first and founding members. Its pages include the personal stories of its original founders Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Silkworth, and includes the story of how AA came into existence, and began to change the lives of those diagnosed with an otherwise untreatable disease.

In the first 164 pages, the reader will find a breakdown of how AA works, how to begin developing a relationship with a higher power, how to get in to service and help others, how to take the 12 steps, and many other antidotes pertaining to alcoholism. In the latter pages, the reader will find dozens of personal success stories from actual AA members. The AA big book is considered to be the most crucial piece of literature in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Who Wrote the AA Big Book and Why

Most of the original text was written by AA Founder, Bill Wilson. Several excerpts from the AA big book are read at AA meetings regularly as part of the meeting format, and as a constant reminder of AA’s single purpose: to help the alcoholics who are still suffering. AA believes that in order to remain successful, its members must always put the program’s principles of its 12 steps before the conflicting personalities of its members.

The AA Big Book, is meant to be honest, helpful and uplifting. Many people first diagnose themselves as alcohol after reading and relating to the stories in its pages. While AA has no requirements for membership, it strongly suggests that new or potential members read at least the first 164 pages. This is where the reader will find the true, undiluted program of Alcoholics Anonymous.