Fieldwork with the Lionrock Today Mobile App

  • Supports Behavioral Change with Real-Time Accountability

  • Complements Therapy Sessions and Cognitive Homework Assignments

  • Records Compliance with Scheduled Actions/Behaviors

  • Enables Unscheduled Client Check-ins to Record Cravings, Feelings, and Triggers

A Fieldwork Check-in

The Counselor and Client Create:

  • A Behavioral Goal from the Treatment Plan

  • An Action to Take at a Specific Time & Place

  • Lionrock Today Prompts the Client to Act at the Scheduled Time & Day

The Client Records the Action Using Lionrock Today:

  • A Photo Specified in the Check-in

  • A Journal Entry Specified in the Check-in

Lionrock Today Also Records:

  • The Client’s Location (GPS)

  • The Time & Date

The Counselor Can Review the Check-in:

  • In Real Time, as a Form of Monitoring

  • In a Weekly View, to Review the Client’s Progress

The Client Can Share the Check-in with Lionrock Today’s Social Network

Fieldwork Check-In Examples

Treatment Goal: Get up on time, eat a healthy breakfast, take meds

  • Schedule - Weekdays at 7:30a
  • Action - Eat a healthy breakfast and take your meds
  • Photo - Your healthy breakfast with your meds lined up next to it
  • Journal - What three things are you grateful for this morning?

Treatment Goal: Get more physical activity

  • Schedule - Mon/Thu/Sat at 5:30p
  • Action - Take your dog to Happiness Park
  • Photo - A selfie with your dog at the park entrance on Easy St
  • Journal - How did you play with your dog today?

Treatment Goal: Avoid going to the neighborhood club after work where friends who use drugs hang out

  • Schedule - Weekdays at 5:00p and 5:30p (two check-ins) - 1st check-in
  • Action - Leave work and go home directly without stopping at the club
  • Photo - A selfie in your car when you leave work
  • Journal - Are you going home?

  • Schedule - Weekdays at 5:00p and 5:30p (two check-ins) - 2nd check-in
  • Action - Be home after work
  • Photo - A selfie at your house when you get home
  • Journal - How was your day?

Treatment Goal: Attend recovery support group meetings

  • Schedule - Mon/Wed/Fri at 6:30p
  • Action - Attend the recovery support group meeting at 123 Main St
  • Photo - A selfie outside the building where the meeting is held
  • Journal - Why is support group attendance important for sustaining recovery?

Treatment Goal: Go to the market and buy healthy food

  • Schedule - Thu at 6:30p
  • Action - Buy healthy food for the week at Trader Joes at 987 Broadway
  • Photo - The food in your shopping cart while you’re in the check-out line
  • Journal - What’s for dinner tonight?