What is the Serenity Prayer and its meaning?

The Serenity Prayer brings comfort to many, not just those on their recovery journey. It’s about letting go of situations beyond your control and taking action on things that you can control, like your sobriety.

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

The Serenity Prayer and AA significance

  1. The serenity prayer is a great thing to say to yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed, angry or triggered. Reciting the serenity prayer in your head will force you to pause, when agitated, and collect yourself.
  2. The serenity prayer is a helpful way to remember the principles of recovery.
  3. The serenity prayer can help you decide whether a situation is worth getting upset over, or if it is beyond your control.
  4. The serenity prayer is a great reminder that we are powerless over other people, places and things.
  5. Reciting the serenity prayer first thing in the morning, is a great tool for starting your day on the right foot.
  6. The serenity prayer is even helpful to those who are unsure of what it means exactly. Reciting the serenity prayer regularly, can help a person get a better and personalized understanding of it.
  7. The serenity prayer can help a person develop a better relationship with their own higher power.
  8. The serenity prayer is helpful in learning to trust the process that you are in.
  9. Reciting the serenity prayer, is a selfless way to ask for help.
  10. The serenity prayer is helpful and applicable to nearly every situation life has to hand you.