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PTSD Alcoholism

ptsd alcoholism

PTSD alcoholism can be a vicious cycle that may be difficult to get out of. Contrary to the common misconception, alcohol does cure or minimize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Drinking alcohol usually worsens the symptoms of PTSD. In the end, the individual resorts to drinking more alcohol, thinking that the more they drink, the more they will be able to escape their nightmares. Whatever you are going through, know that the addiction specialists at Lion Rock Recovery are there to help break the vicious cycle of PTSD alcoholism.

How are PTSD and alcoholism-related?

PTSD and alcoholism have a strong link. Alcoholics are likely to suffer from PTSD, and people with PTSD often resort to drinking alcohol to forget about their trauma. Having both PTSD and alcoholism at the same time can worsen the symptoms of each. At Lion Rock Recovery, we provide treatment that can help deal with both problems simultaneously.

PTSD and excessive drinking often start with either problem. PTSD patients usually exhibit symptoms of alcoholism both before and after developing PTSD. Also, PTSD increases the chances of having a drinking problem. Alcohol addiction also puts an individual in situations that could lead to PTSD.


Experiencing traumatic events can lead to alcoholism regardless of whether or not you develop PTSD. Most people who experience abuse and other forms of trauma often end up having drinking problems. Also, women who experience traumatic events are more likely to suffer from PTSD and alcoholism than men.

A majority of veterans on PTSD treatment are also on alcohol abuse treatment. Such people are often binge drinkers, drinking significant amounts of alcohol in a short period. These binges are often a way of dealing with the memories of the trauma. Lion Rock Recovery helps people with PTSD and alcohol-related problems to turn their lives around and live healthy lifestyles.

Does Alcohol treat PTSD?

The symptoms of PTSD usually become worse when a patient resorts to drinking. Nevertheless, many people with PTSD often drink a lot because it temporarily distracts them from their trauma. However, what they often fail to realize is that excessive drinking makes it difficult to cope with trauma and stress.

Alcoholism can worsen PTSD symptoms, including lack of empathy, isolation, depression, irritability, and anger. Some PTSD patients take alcohol to help them sleep at night or avoid continually waking up from their sleep at night. This is also not helpful because alcohol makes sleep less refreshing.

Seek help

Lion Rock Recovery helps patients with PTSD to face their memories and dreams. We understand that patients have to face their problems for PTSD treatment to work. Therefore, we help you acknowledge and face your problems so that you can gradually shift towards living a healthy life.

Treating PTSD alcoholism is a process that often takes time and effort. Putting a sudden stop to drinking can worsen the symptoms of PTSD. Work with Lion Rock Recovery to determine the best way to stop or cut back on drinking so that you can have successful treatment. Call us today to learn more.

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