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PTSD Alcohol Abuse

ptsd alcohol abuse

After experiencing a painful, traumatic or life-threatening event such as a serious accident, military combat, losing a loved one, terrorist acts, natural disasters, or sexual abuse, some people develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Individuals struggling with PTSD are more likely to have a drug or alcohol addiction problem.

When PTSD and substance abuse co-occur, it is important to seek simultaneous and integrated treatment for the two disorders. Getting online treatment would be the better option as it is more convenient and guarantees privacy.

At Lionrock, we provide online PTSD alcohol abuse counseling from the comfort of your home. Our sessions are private. Your recovery journey will only involve your counselor, the recovery group members, and anyone else you want. Our program packages are affordable and accepted by most insurance carriers.

Why Online Counseling?

The internet has many avenues for addiction treatment. Online substance abuse counseling is becoming a popular model among many for various reasons. Here’s why people struggling with PTSD substance abuse should consider online counseling:

  • Remote Access

People living in remote areas are at a disadvantage because they don’t have access to many health care services. Online therapy makes it possible for Individuals in rural areas to get the help they need for their PTSD alcohol abuse disorder.

  • Access to People with Physical Limitations

Mobility can be a challenge for people living with disability and still have to get PTSD alcohol abuse treatment. Online treatment is a great alternative for people who have physical limitations.

  • Convenience and Affordability

Online counseling is quite convenient. You get to schedule your therapy sessions at the times that work best for you. At Lionrock, we offer affordable online treatment services to patients who are not covered by health insurance.

Do Talk Therapies Help Overcome PSTD and Addiction?

People struggling with PTSD might need talk therapy to help them learn how to deal with events that stimulate their PTSD symptoms. Talk therapies mostly focus on:

  • Educating the patients about their trauma and their effects. The effects could be the PTSD symptoms they are already experiencing.
  • Teaching about relaxation. Most people suffering from PTSD and addiction might have anger issues. Talk therapy equips them with anger-control skills.
  • Most people in society have a negative view of PTSD and substance abuse disorder. This makes most victims feel ashamed, making them shy away from sharing or even seeking help. Talk therapy teaches people with a PTSD and alcohol abuse disorder how to deal with the shame and guilt inside them.

Treatment for PTSD Substance Abuse

Counseling is essential for people struggling with PSTD and addiction. Most PTSD therapies involve cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). CBT mainly focuses on changing the thought patterns that might be causing trauma.

However, alongside the physiotherapy, medication is also required. PTSD is mostly treated using antidepressants to help with symptoms such as anxiety, worry, and anger. PTSD affects people differently. As such, different treatments might be required for different people.

Get Help for PTSD Addiction

Do you or a loved one have PTSD and substance abuse disorder? At Lionrock clinic, we strive to provide quality online PTSD alcohol abuse counseling. Our services are comprehensive and affordable. What’s more, you only need a computer and internet connection to talk to our caring and expert counselors. For more details, call 800.258.6550.

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