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Online Support for Alcohol Addiction

online support for alcohol addiction

There are a lot of alcohol addiction programs out there. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could access addiction treatment in the comfort of your home? Online support for alcohol addiction and treatments creates the possibility.

According to a new study by Yale University research, alcohol abusers are more likely to complete treatment and consume less alcohol both with treatment and through the follow up when they use online counseling and strategies instead of undergoing standard inpatient therapy.

What is Online Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Online alcohol addiction is getting therapy for addiction using internet-connected devices. The type and level of care offered all vary depending on who your treatment provider is and the kind of care you need. In the most advanced form, this type of treatment provides care across several different communication types.

Online substance abuse program involves different approaches to alcohol addiction treatment, some of which are more demanding than others. Leading treatment centers nationally follow the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) procedures for proving care. Depending on your situations, one type of alcohol addiction treatment makes sense for your individual needs than the others.

The Benefits of Online Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Online alcohol addiction program provides some benefits that are difficult to get in an on-site program. Privacy can be significantly enhanced by getting help using the online program. Clients accessing care from the comfort of their home or other places with an internet connection can more successfully control who knows about their treatment.

Furthermore, depending on the substance abuse program you choose, the schedule is very flexible. Fitting treatment program into a plan of work, school, and family commitments can be challenging with residential treatment, but not with the online program. Plus, this treatment is available wherever you are so you can have your treatment anywhere you stay.

Will I be Referred to Outside Group Support?

There are several ranges of online support for alcohol addiction and outside resources available to people recovering, and when combined with counseling treatment, they are beneficial. A program like Alcoholics Anonymous can give another level of support. There are community-based programs that offer an extra layer of accountability to people seeking rehabilitation.

How Safe is Online Treatment?

Data security and confidentiality must be the most important priority of every online alcohol treatment providers. For instance, the online treatment provider or counselor must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). You may be thinking; how can you know this? The answer is simple certification, licensure, and accreditation.

Look for a company that is licensed by their state and also credited by either Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) or Joint Commission. Online alcohol treatment is safe when the proper procedures and precautions are in place.

The Bottom Line

The role of an online counselor in alcohol addiction treatment involves far more than just taking a client through the treatment programs. At Lionrockrecovery, we have a passion for building strong relationships with our patients. If you’re interested in online alcohol addiction treatment, contact us now.

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