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Online Drug and Alcohol Counseling

online drug and alcohol counseling

Recovering from alcohol and substance abuse can be a challenging journey, one that if not well prepared for, may not be successful. It's vital to get into a recovery program where proper treatment is given to ensure a full recovery.

At Lionrock, we aim to help you recover from your drug abuse problem. Our online drug and alcohol counseling programs make it easy to access treatment in a comfortable and safe environment where fear of stigma is eliminated.

What Does Online Treatment Entail?

Sometimes, one may be willing to get help, but the thought of running into familiar people at rehab or addiction centers can be daunting. The fear of other people realizing the problem that you're dealing with and the subsequent judgment may also keep you from reaching out.

All of our recovery programs take place online. With a good internet connection, a set of headphones, and a private corner in the house or wherever you are, we can guide you through all the phases required to get you over your alcohol or drug dependence. You'll go through every step using secure and confidential video conferencing.

What Kind of Programs Can You Find Online?

With us, you'll not be visiting any hospital rooms or addiction centers. That doesn't in any way mean that what we have to offer pales in comparison to the mainstream addiction recovery methods. We have what we call an intensive outpatient program in place to cover every level of treatment required, just like you would find in a conventional rehab facility.

Each month, you get 40 hours of treatment with group sessions every week. Additionally, our counselors will study your case and come up with a more individualized plan to help with your recovery.

Another program in place for outpatient treatment is referred to as Ascend and is less involving than the intensive outpatient program. With 16 hours required per month and a couple of group sessions in a week, this is an option that will suit your schedule if the intensive program is a bit too involving. Both these approaches have followed protocols set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, so you don't have to worry about the legitimacy of our methods.

Affordable Care

Sadly, quality health care isn’t cheap in a lot of places, and that denies many the opportunity to seek good medical care. While some care providers may offer you cheap services, they might be putting your health at risk.

At Lionrock, we are accredited by several bodies to offer our outpatient treatment for substance abuse. Once you've started one of our programs, you have the option of using an insurance cover, and when that does not apply, our cash prices are affordable. With most insurances covering many of our programs and services, you do not have to add finances to your list of worries.

Finding Help

Recovery from substance abuse can be a smoother journey with the right people to guide you. Call us on 800.258.6550 today to talk to one of our counselors about our online drug and alcohol counseling program, and start your journey towards sobriety.

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