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Online Addiction Treatment

online addiction treatment

At Lionrock Recovery, we specialize in providing online addiction treatment for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse. We offer a wide range of recovery programs including Online Intensive Outpatient, Ascend Online Outpatient, Health/Balance Program, and so forth.

In addition, we provide Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), as well as other quiz including Addiction Self-Assessment Quiz and Take Back Your Life Quiz. All our treatments are provided through online and private video counseling. Notwithstanding your budget, schedule, or addiction level, we have the perfect online addiction treatment option for you.

How Can An Online Addiction Treatment Help Me Become Sober?

The road to recovery is always not so smooth and easy. There will be challenging times and time of relapses flash. Staying sober may seem like an impossible task. Nevertheless, recovery is never out of reach. No matter how your situation is, you are not the only one experiencing such.

With the right mind-set, expert guidance, support, and treatment, sobriety is possible. The first point of action to become sober is always that “first time decision” to make a change. If you can do this, then you are right on the path!

Humans are known to be very different, from appearances, individual likeness, to how we learn and process things. Some prefer an in-house support group, while some may actually prefer the online support program. Nevertheless, research has shown that online treatment programs increase the likelihood of lasting sobriety when used as part of a comprehensive plan.

You can dedicate your time in using all the helpful resources available in overcoming your drug addiction. Now, how can these treatments or programs help me become sober? Online addiction treatment can help you in many ways, some of these programs and their useful resources are:

Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) - This online addiction treatment was developed to provide participants with self-empowering tools in overcoming their addiction problems. With this program, you can communicate with people who are in similar situations. It contains interesting tools like SMART handbook that aids overcoming addictions.

Life Process Programs – This is more like a courseware for all kind of addiction, there are lessons that teach about recovering techniques and practices, from the comfort of your own space. This treatment has different tools for different addictions, keeping you motivated on your sobriety path.

Computer Based Training For Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT4CBT) – This is newer to the system, the CBT4CBT does more of physiological aspects of addiction, and it came in place of a counselor in helping you with decision-making. It does this by introducing videos, quizzes, which influence your decision making process. After practicing, you will be able to identify warning signs and trigger which now help you in a real life sense.

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