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Online AA Meetings

online aa meetings

If you or someone you love is experiencing addiction to alcohol, and you're looking for professional help, you're in the right place now! At Lionrock Recovery, we use innovative and effective ways of helping people with drug and alcohol problems the treatment they need. Because going to rehab or counseling isn't always feasible, we decided to bring online AA meetings to you, completely free of cost.

Not Sure if You Need AA Meetings?

Lionrock offers online assessment quizzes that you can take to determine if you are at risk for alcoholism or at the point of needing professional help. Our Addiction Self-Assessment quiz can help you decide if you need help.

The Take Your Life Back Quiz is a short five-question quiz for people experiencing anxiety and stress who may not be in the best mental health state. Because mental health conditions are synonymous with alcohol abuse, it is important to assess a person’s drinking habits and their mental health conditions. Mental health problems can lead to or accompany alcohol abuse, which can contribute to the onset of mental health issues. Therefore, treating alcohol abuse while treating mental health problems is necessary in comprehensive treatment.

These quizzes are completely anonymous, and you don’t need to give us any personal information to take them. By the end of the quiz, you will have a more accurate picture of where you stand right now in terms of your alcohol usage.

Do Online AA Meetings Work?

As the Alcoholics Anonymous program says, "It works if you work it, and it works!" Like any other investment in your life, you're only going to get out of online AA what you put into it. Still, sometimes, just showing up can lead to useful, healthy habit formation. Getting away from the nouns - people, places, and things - that cause or enable your problem drinking, and surrounding yourself among other like-minded alcoholics who wish to better their lives, can lead to lasting recovery from alcohol abuse and dependency.

The beauty of online AA meetings is that they cater to your schedule and routine. Let's face it-; not all of us can get to an AA meeting when we need one most. Some of us don't have our own transportation, some of us work weird hours, and some of us have children to care for, all of which make attending AA meetings mere wishful thinking. However, online AA meetings can be attended from the comfort of your home conveniently on your favorite device.

Lionrock Recovery is proud to offer online AA groups that can be attended from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a connectable device. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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