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IOP Recovery

iop recovery

The level of treatment for substance abuse on the continuation of care between all-day partial hospitalization and residential in-patient treatment would not have been possible without the intensive outpatient program (IOP recovery) treatments. A two to three hour for a schedule of eight to twelve weeks, a low-intensity program that often makes clients transition treatment into community-based help groups satisfactory. We at Lion rock with over thirty years of substantial research and clinical experience on the effectiveness of intensive outpatient programs guarantee our clients their life back with our effective intensive outpatient recovery programs.

What recovery services do we offer?

We at lion rock understand the importance of effectiveness and experience when it comes to intensive out-patient recovery (IOP recovery) programs. We know the value of privacy, so many clients get help from the privacy of their homes to protect them from stigma, and for others who want their treatment fitted into family and work obligations take the same therapy component with the opportunity to spread them out over time.

We put in place qualified professional personnel in charge of treatments, to screen for mental and medical disorders and determine the severity and stage of illnesses, we perform a thorough evaluation and develop accountable treatment plans and referrals for additional treatments that fit into your busy life schedule. Our recovery services include individual treatment plans, one-hour individual sessions weekly, sixteen treatment hours-per-month, two ninety-minute group sessions weekly.

Is our Facility Accredited and Licensed?

Lion rock is an accredited intensive outpatient recovery (IOP) program, approved by the joint commission, a national symbol of quality, an independent non-profit organization which also accredits above twenty thousand health care facilities in the states. The Texas Department of state health licenses lion rock intensive outpatient recovery (top) facilities, certified by the Ohio department of mental addiction and health services and the California Department of health care services.

What do you expect from the lion rock intensive outpatient recovery (IOP) program?

Individualized treatment is the basis of lion rock’s intensive outpatient recovery programs, tailoring our programs for particular client needs. The first step we take at lion rock is the admission interview process, whereby we provide the appropriate level of care for your needs. We collect from you all the necessary information needed to properly design a customized treatment plan to meet your personal needs and make your treatment effective.

We also get you oriented while you and your primary therapist will create your treatment plan, schedule your first session, and then the treatment begins.

Lion rock also utilizes both individual and group therapy to balance the benefit of both. We introduce structure and discipline and then provide opportunities for clients to participate in socialization and develop communication skills experiences without alcohol or drugs which establish a safe environment whereby clients help, confront and support each other when necessary through a feeling of shared purpose.

Another important goal is the involvement of families in treatment to increase family members understanding of the chronic client disease and increase family support for the client’s recovery.

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