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Addiction Support Groups Online

addiction support groups online

Recovery from alcohol or drug abuse should not be a personal fight. This ends up being the case, however, because of the stigma that surrounds individuals who are struggling with either of these addictions. What the larger part of society doesn't understand is that these are conditions that can be treated and that suffering from addiction doesn't make one a bad person.

At Lionrock, we make recovery easier for our clients by involving their loved ones in the recovery journey. Often, friends and family don't know how to deal with situations such as these, leaving the patient to go through it alone.

What is the Importance of Addiction Support Groups?

Addiction support groups exist in various forms. Two that are usually available in addiction treatment are:

  • Patients support groups, where those addicted get together and share their experiences and how far they've come. Exchanging their personal journeys and being a source of encouragement to one another gives the patients more strength and will to let go of drug dependence.
  • Family and friends support groups for those close to the patient. The purpose of this kind of support group is to guide them on how best to support their loved ones in their tough battle with addiction.

The recovery period can be a trying time for them too, and with such a group, they learn coping methods and draw support from each other.

With us, you can get access to addiction support groups online. What's more, we have several meetings scheduled throughout the week. So, you can choose one that best aligns with your schedule. To join our online addiction support groups, you’ll need a device with a webcam and a pair of headphones.

Advanced Support Programs

At Lionrock, we provide more than a medium through which patients and their loved ones can get the psychological support they need during substance abuse recovery. We also have in place some programs to take care of more specific issues, based on your individual case. These include:

  • The Health/Balance Recovery Support Program

Most people don’t realize their growing over-dependence on alcohol or drugs until they're knee deep in addiction. With drugs or alcohol being used as a coping method to everyday problems, one may be too busy ignoring their issues to realize they're becoming dependent on the substances. Our health program is designed for people who feel that alcohol or drug use is beginning to take over their lives. It's a program that’s meant to help you overcome your drug or alcohol dependence.

  • Family Matters Program

Confusion, fear, and uncertainty rule the minds of people who live with individuals with a substance abuse problem. On most occasions, their attitude towards them is negative. This program is here to encourage families to seek help for their loved ones who are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Get Help

With our addiction support groups online, you or your loved one will receive the help you need for your addiction problem wherever you are. Our counselor will identify your needs and recommend the best support group to join. Call 800.258.6550 to discuss your needs confidentially.

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