Base Camp

Recovery is a Journey

Let’s Get Started!

Working with your Base Camp Guide in once-weekly group sessions, you’ll create an individualized, strengths-based, recovery support plan.

You’ll discuss your plan and your progress each week with your Guide and the other members of your Base Camp group.

You’ll get an account on Lionrock Today, our private social network mobile app, where Base Campers support each other’s recovery 24/7.

Base Camp Guides Show You the Way Forward

Our Base Camp Guides are “peer counselors”. They’ll share what they’ve learned in their own personal recovery journeys, and draw on Lionrock’s resources to help you build your personal recovery support plan.

Base Camp Guides will be there for you, encouraging you and offering ideas that help you turn that plan into your new life in recovery.

Very Affordable Monthly Program

Clients commit to Base Camp one month at a time. Pay $60 weekly, or choose the discounted monthly Base Camp fee of $200.

If you need more than the basic plan, we’ve got advanced programs you can add. Let’s talk about it.