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A productive workplace needs healthy employees. Help your workers who need it.

Substance use disorders (SUDs) in the workplace cost employers billions of dollars in healthcare expenses, lost productivity, and turnover.

Employees with untreated SUDs are twice as likely to visit the emergency department as the average employee. Employees who get the help they need return to average ED usage in the year following treatment.

Stigma often blinds business leaders to the reality that between 7% and 20% of employees, depending on industry, struggle with an SUD. Many people with SUDs hide them effectively for years. Among management-level employees in the U.S., 11% struggle with an untreated SUD. Telehealth SUD treatment provides the level of privacy which these valued employees need to overcome their shame about needing to seek help.

At Lionrock, 85% of our clients are employed, and continue to work during their treatment. Half of them tell us that they would not have sought treatment if there were no telehealth option available.

Large telehealth providers, like Teladoc and MDLive, offer great care for problems requiring low levels of care. They do not offer the levels of care necessary to effectively treat most SUDs. Lionrock can bridge that gap, at a surprisingly low cost compared to traditional residential and outpatient SUD treatment solutions.

At Lionrock, we partner with employers to promote engagement with the employees who desperately need this type of care. Access to Lionrock’s care is easy and private.

Ask us about Lionrock’s innovative PEPM solutions for telehealth substance use disorders.

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