Recovery Stories - Why Being Vulnerable Matters

We were talking about vulnerability in a 12 step meeting last night, and that got me thinking back to when I first got sober.

When I started on this journey, first getting sober and then building a life in recovery, I remember hearing for the first time the wise sayings that would become so familiar: “one day at a time”, “this too shall pass”, “keep coming back”. At the time, I thought, “Okay, so if I just memorize these things, that should help.”

I realized along the way that memorizing those sayings, and other recovery literature I read, wasn’t the real challenge for me. Certainly, they were helpful. But the real challenge was feeling those sayings in my heart, not just repeating them with my voice, and getting honest and vulnerable with people. Being real and being vulnerable is HARD!

The meeting last night took me back to those early days of my sobriety, and reminded me of the importance of getting vulnerable - even when it feels really scary. Truly, it has saved my life. With that in mind, I want to share this great talk on vulnerability - enjoy!