What is Public Intoxication?

Public Intoxication (P.I) is a summary offense, in most countries, that involves public displays of drunkenness and usually requires an obvious display of intoxicated and/or disruptive behavior to levy a charge. Public Intoxication is also known as a “Drunk and Disorderly”. In California public intoxication is considered a misdemeanor. California Penal Code 647 defines public intoxication as anyone who displays intoxicated behavior to liquor, drugs, or controlled substance and demonstrates an inability to care for themselves. In 1968, the case of Powell vs Texas, Texas law for public intoxication was challenged in the Supreme Court of the United States for violation of the eighth amendment; However, the court overruled and upheld the law.

What is a Public Intoxication Program?

California Law states that officers have a choice to relocate drunk and disorderly offenders to “sobering facilities”, if available. If violence and/or resistance is given, officers have the right to detain offenders. In severe cases, fines and Public Intoxication Programs are common court mandated requirements. These programs are typically Substance Abuse Education (SAE) classes that involve discussions about different controlled substances and their effects. Programs may vary based on the severity of the P.I., but the typical misdemeanor charge only requires a fine to be paid. The fine can vary state to state.

How Does This Apply To Lionrock?

Public Intoxication charges can be a wake up call, as well as a sign of alcoholic tendencies. Obviously not everyone who gets charged with public intoxication is an alcoholic, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if you feel the need to get sober, Lionrock Recovery has programs that aid you on your journey to sobriety. Lionrock even has an app, called the “Mount Recovery Program”, that is designed with the sole purpose of keeping you sober, so you can get your life back together.

Many public intoxication programs in California allow online treatment

When you sign up for one of Lionrock Recovery’s online outpatient programs you receive a letter of enrollment that can be presented to your judge or prosecutor. This helps to show them that you are serious and proactive about dealing with an alcohol problem. Then after a program of 24 counseling sessions including homework assignments and random drug and alcohol screenings our clients receive a Letter of Completion that can be used to satisfy requirements of a Public Intoxication Program in California. To find out of one of our programs can help you, give us a call!