While no one is born with an entirely predetermined destiny, adult children of alcoholics behaviors can make all aspects of their lives more difficult. These behaviors can range from being hypercritical (of oneself and others), to compulsive lying, to needing constant approval and affirmation.

Adult children of alcoholics behaviors are known to be both excessively impulsive and controlling; relationships are often strained to the point where it is difficult for them to have stable and intimate relationships. Children of alcoholics are 4 times more likely to develop alcoholism themselves. Alcoholism tends to run in families. Compounded with the psychological effects of being raised by a parent with alcoholism and the chances they faced neglect or abuse, children of alcoholics are at a significantly higher risk of developing alcoholism.

Are you an adult child of an alcoholic?

Are you worried about your drinking or drug use? Have you ever wondered why you have trouble dealing with “normal” stress and conflict? Do you feel isolated? Different from other people? Adult children of alcoholics behaviors can derail family life and cause heartache for generations. You can change this pattern.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Can Break the Cycle with a Like-Minded Community

Though addiction tends to be hereditary and we often learn our behaviors from our parents, the adult children of addicts have the power to break the cycle, change their behaviors and discover a new life through a nurturing community. At Lionrock, we understand that addiction is a disease, one that tends to be hereditary, like cancer or heart disease. We help break the pattern by connecting you with like-minded addicts and some of the best therapists in the country. A new life is waiting you. Break the vicious cycle of your own parents and pass on a better future to your children. The power is within you.