A Message from Peter Loeb, co-founder/CEO

Peter Loeb, Lionrock Recovery My family has battled drug and alcohol addiction all my life. I lost my sister in 2010, after her lifelong struggle with drugs and alcohol. I’m grateful that my daughter has more than a decade in recovery. We founded Lionrock Recovery to help other families overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Since then, Lionrock Recovery has grown to become the largest online rehab program in the U.S. and Canada. I’m proud of the team of talented and caring people who’ve joined us.

By offering treatment from the privacy of home, we help people who were too scared and ashamed to ask for help until they found us. Because the Internet is almost everywhere, we can reach people whose lives are too complicated or who live too far away to get help.

What Makes Us Different


  • Securely encrypted, high-definition video conference.
  • Great picture and sound.
  • No one sees it but you and your therapy group.

Lionrock Recovery is Certified Outpatient Program Lionrock Recovery is Accredited by the Joint Commission


  • Accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission
  • Certified by the State of California
  • Covered by Private Health Insurers

Easy to use

  • All you need is a Cable or DSL Internet connection, a computer with a webcam or a tablet, and earbud headphones.
  • We take care of everything else.


  • Lionrock’s programs are accepted by most private health insurers.
  • If you can’t use insurance, contact us to learn about our very affordable Program Packages.